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Porsche EDIT

Ultimate project

I really like my very first Porsche 911/997 and I felt a bit sorry that it has been already replaced by
new models. It is the last analog Porsche - as the last 911 it has a hydraulic steering. Simply more
mechanics than electronics. I decided to breathe new life into this 911, through a complete
renovation and new design elements. I have put together a team of people who had worked for
many years at Porsche. The car is not just an ordinary means of transport, it is a big topic for us.
Together we have invested in it more than 5,000 hours of hard work. This is how the 911 EDIT
project was created. It is designed with respect to the brand morphology and is inspired by its
famous heritage. The result is a circular design that brings the car back to life with new energy.

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