Porsche Ambassador

The designer Petr Novague is the ambassador of Porsche. There are many ambassadors of this famous brand all around the world, from the ranks of athletes, racers, actors and many other successful people.

„When I received my first Red Dot Award for a chair design, the new 911 was awarded in the same year and I clearly remember how it dominated in red among the exhibits on display.“

Since the beginning of my career as a designer I have owned almost all models of this legendary brand. The first model was of course the 911 with a manual transmission. Obviously, I am a great admirer of this iconic model 911, as well as the entire philosophy of the brand which is based on high performance requirements and perfect aesthetics. 

I have also always admired the work of the designer Michael Mayer, the chief designer of Porsche, who had proven his skills with Mercedes or Saab where he had created the concept of Saab 9X which has influenced my design taste. As a true ambassador, in addition to spreading the brand’s reputation, I create interesting lectures for clients of Porsche and its fans. The main topic is, of course, design.

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