R200 custom car

This is a quite unconventional project that a designer might encounter once in a lifetime. Hoffmann gave me the opportunity to design an auto body that would reference some historical predecessor. Our history certainly includes one “punk-rock” instance, where during the socialist era designers working for Škoda secretly designed the 200RS race car, which was this brand’s only car with 200 HP, and  was also successful on the racetrack. For me it became an icon not only because if this, but also because of its beautiful silhouette and proportions. It thus became a sort of conceptual foundation for the R200 project, which involved the design of a limited-edition car for collectors.


The design involves a sculptural approach and minimum use sharp edges, something relatively unusual for today’s auto bodies. Though I was able to design the entire body and interior, because I was restricted to using mass-production parts such as headlights, blinker and so on, achieving a natural-looking result was a very difficult task. The car had its premiere at the DOX Gallery for Contemporary Art, which is a great honour for any designer.

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