• sapelli_02.jpg

    Sapeli Muteo

    launch 2019

    Muteo is a revolutionary product in the area of door and door systems that changes the perception of space. Muteo makes door opening more comfortable...

  • novague_ubrd_5n.jpg

    UBRD bevel

    launch 2019

    UBRD Bevel is practical kitchen set consisting of a cutting board and a knife stand. The set is made of finest wood. Two crucial design aspects...

  • spokar_x_novague_shape.png

    Spokar X

    launch 2017

    The design is based on special ergonomic of the grip, which has been tested in special laboratories and brought the unique shape of letter X...

  • favorit_white_live_novaguedesign.jpg

    Favorit bicycles

    launch 2016

    The Favorit bicycles represent stylish and acknowledged products not only among young fashion generation, but also among older generation, nostalgically reminds...

  • cobra_topview_novague.jpg

    Cobra collection

    launch 2017

    A door-handle collection. The design of Cobra by Novague is based on the ergonomics of the human hand, and the handles are shaped so users perceive...

  • k9.png

    Wave Kasper

    launch 2015

    The Kasper is a brand with great reputation of stylish products made of stainless steel and tin. Kasper’s product portfolio varies from mailboxes...

  • saltek_product_novaguedesign.JPG

    Saltek collection

    launch 2014

    The company Saltek is a key producer of fuses on the Czech and the European market. It has been a great challenge for us to bring an attractive design ...

  • r200_novague_cardesign_front.jpg

    R200 custom car

    launch 2015

    This is a quite unconventional project that a designer might encounter once in a lifetime. Hoffmann gave me the opportunity to design an auto body... 

  • drevotvar_wood_novaguedesign.jpg

    VENTUM furniture

    launch 2018

    The design of the hall furniture VENTUM made by Drevotvar is simple and elegant.

    The design combines the airiness and dominant mirror part...

  • eta_sideview_novague.jpg

    ETA iron concept

    design concept 2014

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  • edgechair_novague_tree.jpg

    Edge chair

    launch 2012

    The design of aluminum exterior EDGE chair founds its inspiration in the Japanese origami. The chair is easily stackable. The variety...

  • limobar_novague.jpg

    Limobar sodamaker

    launch 2013

    On the project of sodamaker Limobar I tried to to differentiate from the competitors, who produce only remade products...

  • scmetal_visualdesign_cards_novague.png

    SC Metal identity

    launch 2013

    Design of the logo and corporate identity of a successful company in the area of processing of sheet metal and sale of metallurgical materials...

  • spokar_x_novague_packaging.jpg

    Spokar identity X

    launch 2017

    The visual identity of packaging for the child toothbrushes is based on attractive printings of animal pictures, combining their imagination and experiences...

  • sofa_nano_novague.jpg

    Nano sofa Bohm

    launch 2013

    A simple sofa for reception areas. It was manufactured as a limited-edition product, in one size only, and covered with nano-fabric that provides protection...

  • verzo_novague_1.jpg

    Verzo smartphone

    launch 2012

    When small Czech technological company decided to create a mobile phone, it has been necessary to find a right people...

  • fish_pate_fooddesign_novague.jpg

    Natural carp paste

    launch 2016

    The package design for this unique product that preserves carp in a natural manner is based on traditional Czech patterns, polka dots and checks...

  • AQ_professsional_speaker_novaguedesign.j

    AQ passion speakers

    launch 2016

    I designed the shape and overall style of these high-power audiophile speakers from AQ to be fully in line with their quite unique technical design, based on...

  • fooddesign_packaging_farm_novague.jpg

    Farm products

    launch 2017

    Novague prepared a new visual identity of local and homemade products made by small Czech farm. The design is based on friendly graphic of packages...

  • wine_packagingdesign_novague.JPG

    Lubal winery identity

    launch 2017

    The vinery Lubal is a company with a long tradition. The grand grandfather of its current owners has founded this vinery and his portrait was used as a base...

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