I focus on designing mass-produced products. One of the most important things got me is that customers make a profit on the products I design. I feel a sense of responsibility for the products I’ve designed, which have now generated over 100 million euros in revenues. Some of them are featured on this catalogue.


The product is the foundation and focus of every company; the product is the owner’s eminent interest; the product is the design, and the design is the product.

my philosophy

of design

The world we see is chock-full of useless things. We find it chaotic and confusing. The world of design is also reflected in this image of reality. Our objective is to bring siplicity to this environment. Our work is not burdensome. Where we don’t have to, we don’t complicate things, and where we can, we look for ways to simplify them. The result is design where nothing is redundant, and nothing is missing. In our work, we feel a deep respect to our customer’s brand and philosophy. We get used to they way he thinks, because we think that every excellent idea deserves a unique solution.


To ensure our services are of the highest quality, we have created a unique approach to work that governs the entire order development cycle and prevents erroneous and random decisions. This ensures that our services thus exceed the scope of run-of-the-mill design.

about me

Over 10 years of professional experience in the fields of product and graphic design. Manages and Coordinates entire projects from the first meeting with the client to the official market launch of the product. Design and Development of the visual language and its 

Realization and Promotion. 


In 2008, founded the Novague design studio with the aim to design and develop products that are functional and user-friendly, yet aesthetically unique. With a portfolio ranging from furniture to consumer electronics or concept cars, the studio implements practical, innovative, user-oriented solutions on multiple fields.


of my work


The singularity of my work rests in how I approach each order. Aside from the client’s specifications,

I also take into account his wishes, the competition, and the state of the market. The result isn’t a few meaningless sketches, but rather the essence

of a solution.


Animation and visualization, designed by using professional software, elicit emotions in the customer – a virtual experience. Based on this vision of the future, the client doesn’t have to imagine anything, and can thus make the right decision.


Using the latest 3D technologies, my work saves the customer time.

I can create prototypes, models, and mock-ups

– physical experiences

I can use to interact with the customer and fine-tune even the most delicate details.


I am also present during implementation for mass production. Thanks to this, I am capable of constantly coming up with suggestions that lead to reduce production costs. I am learning lessons from the product lifecycle for designing of next product generation.