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Novague brand

Novague is an independent brand that provides all services related to the development and design of new products. The main goal is innovation and the fact that the customers should profit on products with Novague design. We design products and services for them that are functional and user-friendly, but also aesthetically unique. With a portfolio ranging from small everyday products, furniture and consumer electronics to vehicles, we implement practical, innovative and comprehensive solutions. The product is the key element (focus, topic); it is the highest interest of every healthy company. It is associated with a number of accompanying tasks for design, such as graphics, corporate identity, UX design… Our services are clearly structured and we provide them to clients of all sizes. Novague’s motto is loud and clear: Product is design - design is product.

Novague design philosophy

„Where we don’t have to, we don’t complicate things, and where we can, we look for ways to simplify them.“

The world we see is full of unnecessary things. We find it chaotic and confusing. The world of design is also reflected in this image of reality. Our goal is to bring simplicity to this environment; our work isn’t burdensome in any way.

The result is a design where nothing is superfluous and nothing is missing either. In our work, we feel a deep respect for the brand and philosophy of our customers. We got used to their way of thinking because we think that every great idea deserves a unique solution. To ensure the highest quality of our services, we have created a unique approach to work. It manages the entire project order development cycle and prevents erroneous and accidental decisions.

Petr Novague

I studied product and vehicle design at the Czech elite academy AADD. A very important point of my career was an internship at a university in Germany, thanks to which I understood the broader aspects of design, that everything is not just about beautiful shape. I have been involved in design for 20 years, in all its forms, coordinating entire projects from the initial meeting with a client to the official launch of the product. I have helped my customers multiply their profits and make their businesses even more successful. In addition to the active work of the designer, I also give lectures at a university. My whole career has been influenced by inspiring people.

People on my way

Important personalities of my professional life

Steve Jobs

The man I have followed for a long time, today everyone talks about him only in superlatives. This has not always been the case in the past, but for me he has been always a great genius. He focused on the product and was resistant to criticism. To be able to do this, you must have a special quality, to live in your own world – in your vision. And he did, the time confirmed it. Many people accused him of stealing their idea, but it turned out that none of them had come up with anything significant since then.

Ivan Linhart

My professor, who accepted me at the Academy and taught me the basic approach to simple shaping. He himself was one of the most successful designers of our small country; he designed ships, trams, machinery and also worked as a designer in the aviation industry at the Aero brand.

Torsten Gratzki

The designer and professor at the University of Duissburg, Essen, the person who motivated me and taught me to focus on details. I admired him for his constructive criticism and his results in the field of medical, industrial and conceptual design.

Thomas Ingenlath

The designer, who decided that, still at university, I could try the work of a designer in practice. The task was a facelift of the existing model of Skoda car. For a beginning designer, the work was very demanding, we modeled the car in clay and its final phase (daynok finish) was assisted by professionals of the Skoda design team. The result provoked a great response in the media and it put me on the map and started receiving real orders. I owe this fact, which started my career, only to him. There is no value in writing about his professional achievements; every designer takes their hat off because the way he managed to move forward the Volvo brand is truly fascinating.

Michael Mauer

A designe who worked for Mercedes, but I didn’t notice him until he was leading the design at Saab. The Saab 9x concept car is probably the best design I have ever seen. He was absolutely ahead of his time and belongs to the gallery of art and design. That car, with its proportions and shapes, absolutely affected my perception of beauty. The fact that Michael then started working as the chief designer of Porsche made me very happy, and when his first Porsche 911 model 997 was introduced, I knew it would be my first Porsche. After all, I still have it.

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