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The development of the product took 1 year, in 2017


Market launch in 2017

Novague services

design consulting

graphic and identity design


Corporate identity

Design of the corporate identity of the gastronomic facility, which has its own restaurant, cafe, hotel, animal farm and its own ponds. The CI design consists of several separate logos for individual companies (Carp Pate, Café Pole, Farma GOU…) and the main overarching logo. The farm produces their own products - jams, honey, desserts, sweets, takeaway food and also a completely unique carp pate. The design had to cover a wide range of tasks, such as graphic design of the menu, packaging design of products, interior design, including ergonomic solutions, and work on individual products and their clear communication towards customers.

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Prague, Czech Republic
VAT: CZ28488229
DUNS: 367149673

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