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The development of the product took 4 years, in 2012 - 2015


Market launch in 2015

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Bicycle collection

Favorit is a reincarnated bicycle brand with a famous history. Before we came up with the first prototype we had to build everything from scratch. Due to the fact that the owner lacked production capacity and only owned the brand itself, it was extremely demanding to design the new models. It had taken several years before the design reached mass production. Eventually, we have successfully introduced a collection of beautiful bicycles that respected the look of the classic models, yet included modern technologies. We have had great success with this product and received several international awards. The Favorit bicycles represent a stylish product intended for a narrow group of Favorit brand fans. Although it was only a short term project based on a product nostalgia, I am particularly proud of the outcome.


Reddot Design Award 2016

IF Design Award 2016

IDA - International Design Award 2015

A’design Award 2016

Big See Design Award 2018

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