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The development of the product took 5 years, in 2013 - 2016


Market launch in 2017

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R200 Sportscar

We were dealing with a non-traditional large-scale project here. From the designer's point of view, there are not many such complex tasks where I can design both the exterior and the interior of a product as complex as an entire car, all by myself. The joint project with the factory which produces the prototype parts "KV Hoffmann" is a reference to a one interesting project in the Czech history of motorsport, especially the rally racing. In the 1970s, the unique Škoda 200RS racing special was constructed. It was the only automobile of this carmaker that, at that time, had 200 horsepowers and participated in rally races. It was notable for several interesting things, such as the transmission gear - it came from the legendary Porsche 911. For me, this car has become an icon from the design point of view. It had beautiful proportions, a low silhouette and as a whole it seemed very confident. It became my inspiration for the R200 project, which refers to this icon. 


Good Design Award

A’design Award 2017

German Design Award 2018

European Design Award 2017

Big See Design Award 2018

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