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The development of the product took 6 months, in 2019


Market launch in 2019

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Sapeli Unlimited Showroom

The premium showroom of the Sapeli Unlimited brand was designed for the ground floor of an iconic Prague building called Butterfly, created by the architect Vít Másl. The design of the showroom represents airiness and peace of mind at work, as it is designed not only to present the best that Sapeli Unlimited is able to produce, but it also provides a place for architects and their clients to meet. They can then consult with the manufacturer what is and what is not possible to produce. Several meeting rooms and separate consulting workplaces are designed in the showroom. The dominant feature of the space is an island with doors on display and a design bar, which comprises countless physical samples, accessories and details. A customer can choose a handle or fittings, wood decor and much more. The showroom also serves as a venue for a presentation of the unique MUTEO door system, which has won all conceivable international awards, including the IF and Reddot design awards.

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Prague, Czech Republic
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