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The development of the product took 3 months in 2020


Market launch in 2021

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Packaging Spokar XM

Every important product deserves its representative packaging. When it comes to a product that is supposed to improve our health, it is essential that the packaging itself leads to its correct use and does not confuse consumers. We believe that we have designed a representative and obvious solution that will catch the customer´s eye. We are aware of the ecological burden that every packaging represents and it has been always our goal to minimize it. For us, it was important to make sure that the entire packaging was made of paper and was recyclable. Although this is a very unusual approach, given that the classic solution is usually made of transparent plastic, it still leads to a very practical and ergonomically friendly outcome. The dominant bright green color attracts the customer's attention and builds on the visual identity of Spokar dent by Novague. Other colors represent different sizes of interdental brushes.


Reddot Design Award 2021

IF Design Award 2021

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